Staff and Job management Add-ons for Xero

A hand holding a smartphone displaying Xero's Staff and Job management Add-ons. Consult with our expert small business accountants in Sydney for personalised financial solutions.

This month we will look at two Xero addons, specifically beneficial to accountants in Sydney, to help you manage staff and track your jobs. Below are the features of each add-on.

Xero Projects Add-on allows you to manage all your jobs/projects on the go.

Deputy Add-on is a staff and workforce management tool. You can schedule, track and manage people on the go.

  • Starts at $2 per user/month
  • Can track and capture when an employee starts and stops a scheduled shift;
  • Can automatically generate invoices and send them to the client/customer based on hours worked;
  • You can track and monitor scheduled time and costs with actuals (eliminates time theft);
  • You can deliver messages to staff before or at the end of their shift using the Newsfeed tool;
  • Multiple-user settings allow you to give people different access levels so you can maintain confidential data like salary numbers;
  • A deputy can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business (for complex and more extensive businesses).
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As always, if you need any assistance with Xero or any bookkeeping tools, please get in touch with our bookkeeping team.

Kreston Stanley Williamson Team

*Correct as of July 2018

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