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Timing Is Critical for EOFY Contributions
The lead-up to the End of Financial Year is always a busy one but even more so when the universe throws...
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New Superannuation Contribution Caps from 1 July 2024
The release of the December 2023 AWOTE data last month confirmed what we’ve all known for a very...
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What Happens to My SMSF if I Lose Capacity?
Earlier this month the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) released its September 2023 quarterly SMSF report...
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24 Reminders & Tips for Your SMSF in 2024
With just a few more days until we farewell 2023, here are some reminders and tips to ensure your SMSF...
SMSF and Death Benefit Nominations – What Are They and Should I Have One? 
As another calendar year is coming to an end, for some people, this is a time where they consider reviewing...
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Division 296 Tax – The New Name For The Additional 15% Tax on Superannuation Balances Above $3M
Earlier this month, the Government released its draft legislation on the proposed new additional tax...
SMSF compliance & charges over property assets are high on the ATO’s agenda
SMSF Compliance & Charges over Property Assets Are High on the ATO's Agenda
What is the ATO’s SMSF Compliance Focus? As the regulator of SMSFs, one of the main roles for the...

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