Doing Business in Africa – A Strategic Guide for Unlocking Opportunities

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Africa presents a myriad of opportunities, boasting some of the world’s fastest growing economies and a rising middle class. With over 1.4 billion people and abundant natural resources, Africa offers a vibrant and diverse economy. However, navigating this dynamic market can be challenging.

This is where Kreston Global, one of the top 10 accounting networks in the region, steps in to provide expert guidance and support. With an impressive growth, Kreston Global’s presence now extends to 28 countries, 27 firms and nearly 1400 staff. The recent addition of two new firms in Nigeria and Uganda has significantly bolstered its presence, contributing to its rise from the 12th to the 10th largest global accounting network in the region for 2024.

To enhance regional collaboration and streamline operations, Kreston Global has established the Africa Committee. This committee is dedicated to creating a cohesive network that drives growth, stability, and investment across the continent.

In 2024, East Africa emerges as the economic powerhouse of the region, fueled by significant investments in banking and telecommunications, projected to sustain an economic boom beyond the year. Kreston Global leads the charge towards sustainability in Africa, with Mauritania transitioning to green hydrogen and Morocco, Tunisia, and Nigeria implementing eco-friendly policies, showcasing a continent-wide commitment to green development. Meanwhile, South African businesses grapple with various challenges, prompting Kreston Global’s experts to underscore the crucial role of risk management in achieving sustainable growth amidst economic turbulence.

If you are interested in exploring business opportunities in Africa, Kreston Global provides insights into the region’s potential and challenges. To access valuable resources and guidance, consider downloading the “Doing Business in Africa Regional Magazine 2024” that Kreston Global and its experts have meticulously put together to gain comprehensive knowledge and guidance for navigating Africa’s dynamic markets.

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*Correct as of 30 May 2024

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