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February 2024 | VOLUME 187
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Doing Business in Europe – A Definitive Guide!

If you’re considering expanding your business, Europe might just be the next frontier. And with ‘Doing Business in Europe’ magazine by Kreston Global, you’ll have the insights and expertise to navigate this promising market. With over 8,500 experts across 60 member firms in 33 countries, this guide is your key to unlocking the potential of Europe’s diverse business landscape. Read on for further details and unlock the potential of European expansion.

Selling Your Business? Proper Planning Will Ensure You Minimise the CGT on Sale

Understanding how to minimise Capital Gains Tax (CGT) through Small Business Concessions (SBC) is crucial when selling your business. Introduced in 1999, these concessions offer significant benefits, but navigating them requires careful understanding. Read further to learn about the eligibility criteria, available concessions, and strategic structuring tips to maximise your tax savings.

What Happens to My SMSF if I Lose Capacity?

Managing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund requires careful planning, especially when cognitive impairment may affect trustees. Read further to understand how to define loss of capacity and consider options such as Enduring Power of Attorney appointments for SMSF continuity. 

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