Manage your finances now – and when you’re no longer around

“Do you want to relieve yourself of the worry of managing your record-keeping and wish that it would all just go away? We’re here to take that worry off you”

Michael Goodrick (Managing Partner)

Managing the financial aspects of your life effectively can be time-consuming and a real challenge for many people.

There are just too many other things going on to attend to the numbers. Important tasks and decisions often get delayed or missed completely – and that can get expensive.

Did you know that this can all be taken off your shoulders by outsourcing it?


We provide a support service to manage all of the financial aspects of your life.

This includes looking after:

  • All financial decisions;
  • Receiving and attending to your mail; and,
  • Processing investment documentation.

This all adds up to you being able to focus on doing what you love doing – and leaving the numbers to us.


Your finances don’t stop being important when you’re no longer around. They are important to your loved ones.

Failure to plan your finances properly can create unnecessary hardship and headaches for the loved ones you leave behind. The earlier you can decide how you want your finances divided up after you’re gone, the better.

While this is normally down to your lawyer to prepare, without sound estate planning advice, your loved ones may end up paying too much tax on what you leave behind.

We work closely with you and your lawyer to ensure all financial and tax implications are considered when creating your will.

This helps ensure that your beneficiaries get exactly what you intend.

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