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Strategic Transactions can be a significant event in a business’ lifecycle, so it is important that the transactions are evaluated, managed, and executed to the highest level.

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Events such as acquisitions, mergers, divestments, strategic restructures including decisions to undertake initial public offerings (IPOs) can be complex and have little margin for error.

The team at Kreston Stanley Williamson has the technical skills and in-depth commercial experience to ensure our clients receive both sound advice and comprehensive advice and reporting to help navigate them to the right decision.

Our dedicated approach is tailored, taking into consideration your objectives and requirements through our personalised service.

We understand the importance major transactions can place on the business and we aim to work with you to proactively help manage obligations within the complex regulatory environment to allow you to focus on the strategic goals of the business.


A valuation is a process that involves defining the fair market value of the business which is then used for taxation purposes. When determining the commercial aspects of the business, the legal and technical guidelines must be adhered too throughout the valuation process to accurately appraise the business.

The team at Kreston Stanley Williamson can provide our clients with both technical and commercially astute independent limited scope valuations to meet their requirement. Through our comprehensive financial analysis, industry knowledge, understanding of market risk and appropriate methodologies, the team can ensure our clients receive a creditable and transparent Valuation Report.

Case Study 6 – “We need an accounting firm that understands business – that’s what we get with Kreston Stanley Williamson”


Vendor Due Diligence aims to address the concerns and issues that may be relevant to the buyer. For vendors undertaking a disposal of their own business, vendor assistance provides personalised solutions to assist in successfully completing divestments.

We work closely with you to develop a solid understanding of their strategic priorities to enable us to provide in-depth advice from the analysis of the financial due diligence issues, ensuring that both opportunities and issues are understood, and the correct steps are taken towards the client’s business goals.


Independent Assurance Reports which are also known as an Investigating Accountant’s Report for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) details the company’s historical and pro forma historical financial in a public document.

Our services as an investigating accountant, in respect to the financial information, will include review and perform procedures on information provided to enable us to report on the Historical Statement of Financial Position and Statements of Cash Flows.

There are multiple aspects considered in the preparation of the Independent Assurance Report such as the latest public document trends, regulatory changes, reporting requirements, and management of risk.

The team at KrestonSW endeavour to provides our clients with tailored and technically competent Independent Assurance Reports that will meet your requirements.


Businesses often embark on complex transactions with their advisors and collectively they may require further support for their internal finance and management teams to get the transaction over the line.

We understand these can be strenuous times and often a helping, professionally capable hand can go a long way at crunch time.

Our team therefore regularly assists CFOs, CEOs, Directors, and other professional advisors in providing specific support in any of the areas covered in our suite of transaction and advisory capabilities.

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