Transaction and Advisory

Evolve and accelerate your business with our transactions and advisory services

Strategic Transactions can be pivotal events in a business's lifecycle, making it crucial for these transactions to be assessed, managed, and executed with the utmost precision.

Events like acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, strategic restructurings, including decisions regarding initial public offerings (IPOs), can be intricate and leave minimal room for error.

The Kreston Stanley Williamson team possesses the technical expertise and in-depth commercial experience required to provide our clients with well-founded guidance and comprehensive reporting, facilitating their journey towards making informed decisions.


Valuation is a meticulous process that entails determining the fair market value of a business, primarily for taxation purposes. When determining the commercial aspects of the business, the legal and technical guidelines must be adhered to throughout the valuation process to accurately appraise the business. 

The Kreston Stanley Williamson team specialises in providing clients with technically sound and commercially astute independent limited scope valuations tailored to their specific needs. Leveraging comprehensive financial analysis, industry expertise, an understanding of market risks, and appropriate methodologies, our team ensures clients receive a credible and transparent Valuation Report. 

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Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence is designed to address the concerns and issues relevant to potential buyers. For vendors looking to sell their businesses, our vendor assistance solutions are personalised to facilitate successful divestments. 

We work closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your strategic priorities, allowing us to provide comprehensive advice, analyse financial due diligence issues, and ensure a clear grasp of opportunities and challenges while working toward your business goals. 

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Independent Assurance Reports and Investigating Accountants Reports for IPO’s

Independent Assurance Reports, also known as Investigating Accountant’s Reports for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), provide detailed historical and pro forma historical financial information in a public document. 

As investigating accountants, we review and perform procedures on the information provided to enable us to report on the Historical Statement of Financial Position and Statements of Cash Flows. 

Preparing Independent Assurance Reports involves considerations of the latest public document trends, regulatory changes, reporting requirements, and risk management. The KrestonSW team is dedicated to offering customised and technically proficient Independent Assurance Reports tailored to your needs. 

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Advisory and CFO Support Solutions

Complex transactions often require additional support for internal finance and management teams, particularly when working alongside advisors. These circumstances can be challenging, and a professionally capable hand can make a significant difference during crucial moments. 

Our team regularly assists CFOs, CEOs, Directors, and other professional advisors by providing specialised support across the various areas covered in our suite of transaction and advisory capabilities. 

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