XERO tips and tricks

XERO tips and tricks

Current as of January 2016

If you are currently using Xero, then please read this article as it is packed full of great tips and tricks to assist you in using the software more efficiently. If you are not using Xero yet and would like to know it can benefit you then click here.

Tips and tricks Instructions or links
Faster login To speed up logging into Xero by only having to enter a password, replace the upper case characters with your Xero login address, then save as a browser or desktop bookmark.
View multiple pages View multiple pages of your organisation in Xero at the same time by using tabs (as long as you’re using one of their supported browsers and aren’t viewing multiple organisations at once).

To open a link in a new tab on a PC, right-click on a link and select Open New Tab.

To open a link in a new tab on a Mac, hold down the Command key and click on the link.

Inbuilt calculator – data entry For transactions such as invoices, you can enter a basic arithmetic operation into the fields Quantity, Unit Price and Discount. Xero calculates the result when you press Enter or Tab.
Use payment references To make the reference of payments easier (particularly when matching multiple transactions when doing a bank reconciliation), enter the cheque or transaction number in the payment Reference field on the Awaiting Payment invoice or bill when you’re recording the payment. This will enable you to easily reconcile and report on transactions.
Repeat invoice If you have regular bills to pay, or send regular invoices to customers – use Xero’s repeating invoices or bills. Set up a template and Xero will automatically create an invoice or bill for you according to the frequency you specify and drop it on the Draft tab (if you need to vary the amount or something else each time) or the Awaiting Payment tab (if it is the same every time).
Reconciliation multiple items Bank reconciliation is not just a one line item from your bank statement to one item entered into Xero – you can match:

  1. One downloaded payment to multiple items in Xero
  2. Many downloaded payments to one invoice or bill
  3. Multiple payments covering multiple invoices or bill
Customise report layout


Change the default layout of some reports by choosing your own groupings for accounts or move accounts to be displayed on a different part of the report using a ‘Custom layout‘. The layout can be applied to other organisations you have in Xero or set as the default for all users of an organisation.
Google docs If you don’t have Microsoft Excel or would prefer to use Google Docs for sharing spreadsheets, you can export any report in Xero to Google Docs (or Excel or PDF). You’ll need a Google account (gmail address) to export reports to Google Docs and you can invite other people into Google Docs to view and edit them. If the people you invite only need read-only access to a document in Google they don’t need to have a Google account.
Billing tips Please click on the video link

If you would like to know more about Xero and its features, please feel free to contact a team member from our Measured Success bookkeeping team.

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