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Peace of mind for all stakeholders with professional audit and assurance services

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Understanding the standard is essential, but what truly matters is understanding your business, your objectives, and your "why."

Our smart, pragmatic, and commercially aware approach not only takes care of your needs but also ensures that your regulatory, compliance, and stakeholder requirements are met.

An audit can be a complex and demanding procedure for any business. At the end of it all, you deserve more than a simple confirmation that your financial records are in order.

Our comprehensive audit services, led by our partners, draw not only from substantial experience and depth but also strive to provide substantial value by offering recommendations for enhancing your business processes.

We aim to understand the why for you, your business, and the audit arrangement.

While your regulatory and compliance obligations are undoubtedly important, we also serve as a gateway for improving your business.

Powered by AI and Virtual Audit Technology

Leveraging cutting-edge AI and virtual audit technology, we expedite the extraction of critical insights from your data, enhancing your comprehension of financial risks and business performance.

Suitable for Businesses at Any Stage of the DREAM Business Life Cycle

Whether you're a startup seeking to instil confidence in your stakeholders, a large privately-owned family business poised for growth, or a non-profit or publicly-listed company grappling with public, operational, and regulatory demands, we offer our expertise at every stage.

External Audit Service

A well-executed external financial statement audit is widely recognised as a highly credible method for showcasing your business’ strong financial health and its responsible management of entrusted funds. 

Our audit methodology is both risk-based and innovative, and it is bolstered by our affiliation with Kreston International, a member of the Forums of Firms. This partnership certifies our ability to conduct cross-border audits in accordance with International Auditing Standards.

Our services encompass independent statutory financial statement audits, which are tailored to meet the regulatory and stakeholder demands of a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from small to large private enterprises, to international corporations and publicly listed entities operating across various sectors. 

We are well-versed in addressing specific and evolving compliance requirements that can affect particular business types and industries. We offer forward-thinking solutions to help you fulfill these obligations, including in the following domains: 

  • Audits for Australian Financial Service License holders;
  • Audits of Managed Investment Schemes;
  • Compliance plan and GS007 audits;
  • Audits for Self-Managed Super Funds; and
  • Trust account audits, helping accounting firms, solicitors, real estate agencies, or collection agents in meeting the requisites set by CAANZ, the Law Society or respective State bodies.

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Due Diligence and Transaction Advisory Service

Financial due diligence reviews are invaluable when navigating merger and acquisition considerations and other pivotal business decisions. They also serve as a compass for charting your business’ course through various stages of its life cycle, guiding choices related to asset allocation, funding strategies, and the implications of evolving capital structures. 

Our due diligence assessments cast a wider net than traditional audits. In addition to scrutinising historical financial data, we also cover budgets and forecasts, offering a holistic view of the business’ financial landscape. Furthermore, we provide transaction advisory services tailored to potential initial public offerings (IPOs), which encompass:

  • The creation of Investigating Accountant’s Reports (IARs) for prospective inclusion in IPO prospectuses. 
  • Pre-offering audits of historical financial statements.
  • Comprehensive accounting and reporting support for organisations considering an IPO. 

For more insights on our Transaction Advisory Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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Compilation Service

When you choose our expert accountants to assemble your financial data from underlying records, you can be confident that the ensuing report is crafted with consummate professionalism, meticulous care, and harnessing the latest technology. 

Our expertise extends to compiling your financial statements, encompassing both statutory and non-reporting requirements. 


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Internal Audit Service

Recognising and effectively managing risk is paramount to the continued progress of your business. 

Our collaborative approach involves a meticulous evaluation of your systems and processes. Subsequently, we offer insights and recommendations on how to enhance, refine, and align them with your objectives, whether performance-related or otherwise. 

Our internal audit services are aligned with the Australian and New Zealand Standard on Risk Management and the COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework. 

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Acquisition transactions often involve can include complex financial, regulatory, and operational challenges. We possess the expertise and resources to professionally and effectively oversee your acquisition transactions, ensuring well-informed decisions and successful outcomes. 

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Forensic Assurance Service

Forensic assurance is a specialised service aimed at investigating suspected fraud or misconduct within your organisation, acting on behalf of your governance body. 

Our forensic assurance services leverage extensive accounting and professional expertise and are conducted discreetly and professionally, in full compliance with relevant ethical and professional standards. 

In  addition to uncovering irregularities, we can offer valuable recommendations for enhancing internal oversight through improved management policies and procedures. 

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