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Our founding partner, Bill Stanley, started out offering accounting and tax services in Sydney in 1969. Over half a century later his legacy remains a big part of our firm.

Over the decades, we’ve grown into a celebrated firm of accountants, tax consultants, and business advisors, providing tailored solutions with a forward-thinking approach that clients can relate to and easily understand.

Our five partners now have over 130 years’ combined experience to help you build your dream business.

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“Forbes and Ursula Carlile first started working with Stanley & Williamson [Kreston Stanley Williamson] in 1968 and for over 50 years, they have been an integral part of Carlile Swimming’s success.

As our company has continued to expand and become more complex over time, they have been with us every step of the way, providing a wide variety of services an dwell considered advice.

Stanley & Williamson’s [Kreston Stanley Williamson’s] team are greatly experienced and knowledgeable, providing advice that is clear, accurate and timely. Importantly, they also have ongoing relationships with a wide network of experienced external advisors, who can assist in specialist areas of advice, if it is ever required.

Stanley & Williamson [Kreston Stanley Williamson] is so much more than an accounting firm for us… they are our trusted advisers and we consider them to be significant partners and an essential component of our ongoing strategy.”

– Richard Cahalan, Director, Carlile Swimming

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