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ThinkingWorks, who make leading-edge commercial ergonomic furniture, has been our client and is fond of the efficacy our accountants in Sydney have shown for over 5 years. They are always looking to push the limits and grow their business. This year they decided to exhibit at one of the world’s largest furniture trade shows, Orgatec.

Following is a brief case study of what they did and how they did it. They are a fantastic success story and an excellent example for all businesses of what opportunities there are out there if you are willing to take the chance.

Orgatec is the world’s largest and most prestigious exhibition for commercial furniture manufacturers. 

This year we decided to take the plunge and exhibit at the October exhibition, where we shared exhibition halls with over 700 manufacturers worldwide, most notably in Europe and USA – some with annual turnovers in the $Billions!

There was a lot of planning leading up to the big event, and with that understanding of the effect on our cash flow, regardless of whether we were successful.

The investment was substantial – around $200,000 in total. The good news was that the brand-new products we showed on our stand were considered “refreshing” and “designed with the right amount of warmth”, with several visitors telling us we had the most inspiring furniture at the show.

Word got around quickly with some of the World’s largest and most Avant Guard manufacturers sending their designers to check out our products. Even some of our Australian customers were blown away by how we compared on the world stage.

Apart from the interest we’re now getting for our products, including on orders which have already more than paid for the cost of attending the show, it was a lot of fun to show what Australian design and manufacturing can offer.

If you want to discuss how taking up opportunities in your particular industry could be achieved, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kreston Stanley Williamson Team

*Correct as of November 2016

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