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Build the business you really want with our business advisory services

“To succeed in today’s business environment you need to be ahead of the market. Proactive, forward-thinking business advice will help you resolve business issues before they even become a problem.“

Quang Tat (Partner)

Beyond the numbers and the compliance, successfully running a business is a constant process of key decision-making.

Having a trusted partner by your side, with your best interests at heart, helps relieve the pressure. That means business advisors who are committed to helping you take the next steps to get the business where you want it to be.

For decades now, that partners have helped countless number of small and medium businesses around Australia, in many different industries. Our business advisory services provide real world, realistic, and manageable solutions – for wherever you are in the Dream Business Life Cycle™.

Case Study 2 – How a once-struggling furniture importer can now focus on running a successful business… 
Case Study 3 – How did a health professional start to manage his business with more certainty, precision and control? 
Case Study 4 – How did one IT business owner prepare for a dream retirement by selling the business? 



Our systemised review process helps you decide on the best structure for your business. We will consider a range of issues, including asset protection, limitation of liability, income tax minimisation, CGT minimisation and succession planning, to name a few.

From the report we provide, you’ll be able to decide on the best possible structure for your business.


Do you need a share of business valuation for the bank or for a buyout between business partners? We provide experienced guidance so that you understand what your business or company (or share of it) is worth.

For more information on Valuations.


Does your management team or board of directors need expert business advice?

With decades of experience in commerce and working with small and medium size businesses, our partners’ considered advice and business acumen can help your business stay on track.


Developing a business plan for the longevity of your business is extremely important. It should include a section on ‘succession planning’ so that when key figures leave or enter the business, there is a pre-determined course of action.

Having this certainty now will bring more financial certainty later.

We can help you develop and implement this plan, to ensure that that your exit from the business is seamless and stress-free.


Thinking of selling your business?’ We have a long history of providing tax and commercial support for the sale process.

How the transaction is structured produces vastly different results. Significant tax savings are possible if the sale is planned well in advance and the transaction is undertaken with your best interests in mind. With our extensive experience in working with business owners, their brokers, and lawyers, we help you achieve the best possible after-tax outcome.

Get us involved early in the process so the proper planning is done.


Another of our business advisory services is the review of external software available to streamline your accounting and operational processes. With the explosion of software now available, there is no reason to keep doing things manually.

We can help you select and install software that will significantly improve your processes so that your accounting and operational functions run smoother.


As you move through the stages of your business life cycle, employees will need to be engaged to help you grow the business.

Bringing employees into your business means more legal responsibilities and statutory requirements to be adhered to. It’s not just about a safe workplace – you must also meet all Fair Work legislation and award requirements.

Our close affiliation with high-quality HR providers allows us to help you navigate all your main employment and HR issues.


Our robust system reviews all aspects of your business and personal financial affairs. This ‘health check’ helps determine what needs to be done in your business and in what priority.

  • Structuring;
  • Succession planning;
  • Financial accounting;
  • Entity governance;
  • Agreements required;
  • Audit responsibilities;
  • Business planning;
  • Tax planning;
  • Superannuation;
  • Retirement;
  • Insurances;
  • Estate planning; and,
  • Financing.

You receive the analysis in a simple-to-understand report that makes it easy to implement the recommended changes. It can act as a blueprint for planning your business.


• Business Plans – all businesses need a business plan. We can help you develop one, making sure that you consider everything that will give your business the best chance of success.

• Budgets and Cashflow Forecasts – we can help you develop a budget and manage your forecasting and cash flow so that you come within it. Our smart software prints balance sheets for forecasts so that you’ll know exactly what state your business is in at any point in the future.

• ‘What if’ analysis – our powerful financial analytics software can perform detailed ‘what-if’ analysis to determine the effect of changes such as:
– Raising prices;
– Increasing the average sale value;
– Increasing the number of sales; and,
– Adding a staff member.

You can then make an informed decision about what to do, with more predictable results.

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