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We take a proactive, forward-thinking approach that focuses on where you are headed, and provides you with expert guidance and advice to help you get there.

At Kreston Stanley Williamson, we offer a full range of accountancy, bookkeeping, tax and business advisory services designed to support you in achieving all of your business goals.

We see ourselves as your strategic partner, and draw on 50+ years of experience advising businesses from a range of sectors

This means we are able to offer incisive insights and knowledge that will help you plan with more certainty, manage with greater clarity, and reach your goals sooner.

Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

Our team of highly skilled professionals is friendly and responsive, offering personalised advice that gives you a greater sense of confidence and control over your financial future.

Upfront, No Surprises Fee Structure

Clients who are best suited to our approach are entrepreneurial, with a keen desire to grow and develop their business. In line with our ethos of ensuring our clients have more confidence in all financial aspects of their businesses, our fee structure is transparent and set out upfront.

Experienced partners for the present and trusted advisors for the future

The ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit of a business owner will largely decide how far the business will go. No amount of tax advice, compliance, auditing, or accounting can drive a business to reach its potential if the business owner is not aspirational or committed to taking the steps necessary to grow.

From Sydney to all corners of the business world

From our office in Sydney, where we’ve been located since the early 1980s, our full range of accountancy, auditing, tax and business advisory services support growing business owners and their teams in building their DREAM business.

The objectives you set for your business will vary depending on where you are in the business life cycle. If you're in the early stages of your business, your focus may be on growth and expansion, either domestically or globally. Whatever stage, we're here to help.

We are proactive and forward-thinking

You’ll find that our proactive, forward-thinking approach is that of a strategic partner. We want to be with you for the long haul – we’ve been looking after some of our clients for decades already.

We focus on where you’re headed

We focus on where you’re headed and provide you with expert guidance and advice to help you get there – quicker, with more certainty, and greater clarity.

Trust in our values

Choosing your business advisor or strategic partner is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in your business. When working with us, you can expect the following at all times:


Trust us for our forward-thinking accounting, tax and business solutions. We solve growing business challenges. We are your reliable partner for future success.


We cherish strong connections with our clients. Some have been with us for over forty years. We minimise turnover, ensuring clients receive valuable continuity.


We match big firms' technical capabilities, but deliver hands-on service exclusive to small firms. We offer a personalised and dedicated service capturing the best of both worlds.


Accessible partners make the difference in our business. Direct access to partners is key to your company's success.


We are part of a global network of 170 accounting firms across 120 countries. Wherever you're planning to do business, we can help.


Our goal is to enhance your bottom line. Business owners shoulder a lot of risk, so your rewards matter. We analyse and guide your path to success with an upfront, no-surprises fee structure.

We’re a multicultural and multilingual team. The diverse ethnic backgrounds of our partners and staff, including Australian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Portuguese, French, German, Argentinian, and Spanish, give us strength.

Our mission is simply, to lead you to unlock your potential and achieve your ambitions

Our team of skilled and experienced professionals is friendly and responsive, offering personalised advice and helping you to build total confidence in your financial future.

History And Achievements

We've been helping aspirational businesses since 1969.

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We're a team of experienced, approachable advisors

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