How an MD of an Engineering Firm Successfully Navigated an ATO Investigation with our Assistance

About Client

Our client serves as the Managing Director of a nationally recognised engineering firm and is also a partner in a property investment venture.

The Challenge

In 2016, our client found themselves entangled in a complex tax audit process initiated by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This situation was through no fault of their own but a consequence of misguided advice from their former accountant. The client required the assistance of a new accounting firm to efficiently manage, finalise, and navigate this intricate audit process, negotiate with the ATO, and secure the most favourable resolution possible.

Their Feedback

"Living through an ATO tax audit for two-and-a-half years was incredibly stressful. I had a lot of anxiety around the outcome, it felt like a bottomless pit of money and took up hours of my time each day. It was a major distraction from my commercial activities."

“I chose Kreston Stanley Williamson to take over the final stages of the audit because I was comfortable that they had the resources and expertise to resolve my tax issues. Just as importantly, I was confident they could support me and my diverse business interests in the long-term as my new accountant.”

“They immediately took over negotiations with the Australian Tax Office, and recommended and managed an excellent , specialist tax lawyer too. They had a good understanding of the issues, the objectives of the ATO and they took confrontation away from the process. And they were completely dedicated to achieving the right outcome for me, resolving the issues quickly.”

“The outcome was better than I had expected. I ended up paying far less than might otherwise have been the case.”

“It was a massive relief. My positivity had taken a beating during the tax audit - I finally felt energy return to my life. Most importantly it put the audit distraction behind me so as I could again focus on my family and commercial activities - the things that I care about and that really matter.”

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