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S&W Wealth

Comprehensive and forward-thinking.
We plan wisely so that you can live fully.

Stanley & Williamson [Kreston Stanley Williamson] is exceptionally proud to be able to offer our clients an even more significant leap towards prosperity in 2021 with the launch of S&W Wealth.

Working hand-in-hand with your team of accountants in Sydney, the Wealth Managers at S&W Wealth will provide a comprehensive range of financial services to help you create wealth, protect the wealth that you create and develop a plan to transfer that wealth to your family at the right time. Our collaborative approach will enable us to fully develop strategies to maximise your financial potential in your business life, personal life and family life.

Our new venture is a collaboration with Dean Holmes of The Wealth Network. Dean is the owner of multiple successful financial advice businesses. For well over a decade, he has been a hands-on mentor to a number of young, award-winning financial planners, and he has been a critical player in developing the next generation of financial services businesses in Australia.

Dean’s broad business experience and his intricate knowledge of wealth management give him the unique ability to work with business owners to develop highly personalised and accurately targeted wealth strategies that ensure your business and your personal wealth grow in tandem. “There are many benefits in undertaking an integrated approach to wealth management. Depending on your circumstances, we can create your infrastructure to enhance cash flow, protect assets, and invest and distribute wealth wisely. These steps along your wealth pathway can significantly impact your financial well-being. We can map that out for you and work with you to stay agile – to adjust to any challenges or windfalls that come your way.”

In working directly with clients, Dean is passionate about developing a financial strategy that fits their goals, objectives and passions.  “Investment portfolios and returns are the last things I talk to a client about. Business and investments need to have a context for your personal goals.”

S&W Wealth will also offer specialised services to self-funded retirees looking at creating steady income streams from their investments and facing the challenges of intergenerational wealth transfer.

Dean is a Director of several companies, has held several positions on family boards of high-net wealth family clients and has directed teams of accountants and lawyers in managing family affairs. He has an Honours in Economics and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

If you’d like to start 2021 with a clear financial focus, Dean provides a free 2-hour consultation for new clients. You can book pre-launch here.

Kreston Stanley Williamson Team 

Correct as of 16 December 2020

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