Doing Business in Europe – A Definitive Guide

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If you’re considering expanding your business, Europe might just be the next frontier. With ‘Doing Business in Europe’ magazine by Kreston Global, you’ll gain invaluable insights and expertise to navigate this promising market.

Kreston Global, ranked as the 11th largest network in Europe, has released a detailed guide for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Europe. This guide provides insights and expertise to help navigate the complexities of European markets. With Kreston Global’s network of 60 member firms across 33 countries, entrepreneurs and businesses gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources tailored to their needs. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the European business scene, this guide equips you with the essential tools and strategies to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

The guide explores the business landscapes of 14 European countries, benefiting from insights from both Eastern and Western perspectives. Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, Kreston Global experts offer in-depth analysis on key topics such as the EU VAT gap, the Next Generation EU (NGEU) fund supporting ESG initiatives, and updates on ATAD 3 and the Unshell Directive. A special report on transfer pricing provides critical insights for businesses, while a special feature delves into Ukraine’s 10-year recovery plan.

Click here to download the ‘Doing Business in Europe’ magazine.

If you’re considering starting a business in Europe, reach out to us today. We’ll connect you with the right people and resources to get started.

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*Correct as of 27 February 2024

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