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August 2023 | VOLUME 181
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Message from Michael: As we navigate the activities of the end of financial year 2023, we’d like to inform our clients about revisions to Auditing Standard (ASA) 315, which holds implications for audits, and audit clients going forward. We also take a moment to recognise our collaborations with Kreston Global. This month we review the Kreston Global Bali conference and extend a warm welcome to Kreston Sri Lanka in Sydney. Another cause for celebration is Sam Shun’s 50-year journey with KSW. 

Why is your auditor asking even more questions this?

Starting December 15, 2021, notable changes are coming to the Australian Standard on Auditing (ASA) 315. These changes aim to enhance audit value, including deeper business analysis, extensive risk assessment, and improved IT evaluation. Read more to learn about the upcoming changes and discover how your business can benefit.

Welcome to Sydney, Kreston Sri Lanka

On Thursday, August 24th, we had the pleasure of welcoming S. Rajanathan, the Managing Partner of Kreston Sri Lanka, to our office. During his visit, Raj met with our Managing Partner, Michael Goodrick, and our Audit Partner, Kamal Thakkar. Read more to learn about how our collaborations with Kreston Sri Lanka and Kreston Global continue to grow. 

Kreston Global Asia Pacific Conference

Our very own Partner, Kamal Thakkar attended the 2023 Kreston Global APAC Conference in Bali. Focusing on “The Kreston Way,” the event brought over 100 delegates to discuss accounting and growth. Kamal, as APAC Regional Director of the Global Audit Group, led discussions on collaboration in the region. Read more to know the full details of the conference. 

Sam Celebrates 50 years at Kreston Stanley Williamson

In the today’s bustling and constantly changing world of business, there are certain individuals who embody the very essence of dedication and commitment. Among these stalwarts is Sam Shun, who celebrated an incredible 50 years on August 27, 2023. Read more to learn about Sam’s 50 year journey with KSW. 

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