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January 2024 | VOLUME 186
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ASIC’s Focus Areas for 31 December 2023 Reporting

ASIC’s focus for the 31st December 2023 reporting is on directors’ responsibility for providing meaningful insights amid economic uncertainties. Key areas include impairment, provisions, and new accounting standards. Read more about ASIC’s guidance on their financial reporting for the calendar year just ended.

Selling Your Business with an Earn-Out: The Tax Implications to Watch Out For!

Earn-out arrangements in business sales can lead to complex tax scenarios. Qualifying as a “look-through” earn-out right allows tax deferral, while non-qualification demands immediate valuation and can lead to potential complications. Read more about the tax intricacies in business sales related to earn-outs.

Celebrating Michael Goodrick’s 40th Anniversary at Kreston Stanley Williamson

This month marks a significant milestone as we applaud Michael Goodrick, the Managing Partner of KSW, on his 40th anniversary with the firm. Michael’s journey began in 1984, and since then, his dedication has played an instrumental role in shaping KSW’s growth and success. Read more about Michael’s journey and contributions to the firm.

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