Rental Property Travel Deductions Are Now Denied

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In line with previous editions of S & W Insight, and as stated in the May budget, travel deductions related to rental properties are currently disallowed, as confirmed by accountants in Sydney.

The new law governing this denial was passed on 15 November 2017, effective 1 July 2017. The law effectively denies most owners of residential properties deductions for travel expenses related to their properties. The law is quite comprehensive in its scope. It covers travel for all purposes, including inspecting, maintaining and collecting rent, and undertaking repairs and maintenance to the property. 

The expenses can then not be capitalised into the cost of the property either. The expenses are disregarded altogether.  

This law is relevant to properties used by the tenant as a place to live. Travel expenses will still be available where the tenant uses the property for business purposes (e.g. full or partial use as commercial premises). Additionally, you can still employ parties to carry out tasks on your behalf (such as real estate agents for property management, inspections etc.). 

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Kreston Stanley Williamson Team

*Correct as of November 2017

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