Doing Business in Latin America – A Comprehensive Guide

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Kreston Global Latin America spans 17 countries with 25 firms and over 1,200 staff, ranking as the region’s 15th largest accounting network, recognised by the International Accounting Bulletin.

If you are navigating the business landscape of Latin America, the latest guide from Kreston Global Latin America will be beneficial for you. The guide covers significant topics including the impact of the 2024 elections, the growing economy of Brazil and the business landscape in Argentina.

Additionally, it delves into important regional matters such as:

  • Argentina
    • Assess the economic growth prospects under new leadership and its implications for businesses.
  • Puerto Rico
    • Understand the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) appeal of this low-tax jurisdiction.
  • Peru
    • Learn about Peru’s stable economy and its impact on investors.
  • Brazil
    • Learn how Brazil’s carbon market is fostering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.
    • Discover Brazil’s surprising growth trajectory and the factors driving it.
    • Get insights into ongoing tax reforms and their implications for businesses.
  • Ecuador
    • Understand the effect’s of Ecuador’s Investment Contract on foreign investment.
  • Mexico
    • Uncover the strategic advantages of Mexico as business location, solidifying its role in the Latin America Market.

Download a copy of “Doing Business in Latin America” magazine to learn more about these topics.

If you are interested in starting a business in Latin America, reach out to us today. As a member of Kreston Global, we can connect you with the right people and resources to get started.

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*Correct as of 21 May 2024

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