Year-end tax planning – what does your SMSF administrator need to know?

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As the upcoming financial year end approaches, it is crucial to focus on your SMSF and assess its preparedness for 30 June. In terms of tax planning, here is a brief checklist that we, as your fund administrator, require to ensure effective management:

  • Do you have any other superannuation outside of your SMSF?
  • Will your June 2017 salary sacrifice contribution be made in June or July 2017?
    • Suppose the June and/or any previous month’s salary sacrifice contribution will be paid into your fund in July 2017. This will be counted towards the 2017/18 concessional contribution cap of $25,000 (for all ages) and not the current year cap.
  • Do you have insurance premiums being paid by your employer from another fund that is not your SMSF?
    • if so, then these are counted towards your concessional cap
  • Are your death benefit nominations up-to-date?
    • as superannuation generally does not automatically form part of your estate, it is essential to ensure your SMSF has current death benefit nominations in place
  • Does your employer have the correct Electronic Service Address (“ESA”) for SuperStream?
    • for your SMSF to receive contribution data from your employer, they need the correct ESA for their payroll systems

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*Correct as of May 2017

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