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Small business accountants examine sheets of reports and are engrossed in a discussion regarding financial affairs featuring graphical representations, a calculator, and a laptop on a table.
Will Paying That Dividend Affect the Director's Duty to Creditors?
Do company directors have a duty to their creditors? They do have a duty to their shareholders. A recent...
Tax accountants signing financial documents and completing a money transaction with a contract on the table.
Employee or Contractor – The Effect on Workers’ Compensation!
In KSW Insight in September 2022 we discussed the Deliveroo case where it was confirmed that the terms...
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Partnering Up to Buy a Property
The Skyrocketing Australian Property Market and the Role of Property Accountants The skyrocketing prices...
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GST Withholding on New Residential Properties
Starting from 1 July 2018, property accountants play a pivotal role as they oversee the shift in responsibility...
Property accountants evaluating bankruptcy's impact on homeowners
What Happens to My Home if I Become Bankrupt?
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted numerous businesses, resulting in the unfortunate possibility...
accountants in sydney reading and highlighting important words from the guide
What happens if your corporate trustee is deregistered?
The Consequences of Deregistering a Trustee Company in Sydney If a trustee company used by trusts and...
Service NSW and NSW Police to investigate fraudulent COVID-19 Business Grants
Service NSW and the NSW Police have collaborated to form Strike Force Sainsbery, dedicated to probing...

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