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Land Tax Assessments for Your Principal Place of Residence – Be Aware!
We have recently received a number of land tax assessments for the year ended 31 December 2022 for client’s...
A miniature house on top of some dollar bills and documents, representing financial investments and transactions, that require the expertise and guidance of trusted accountants in North Sydney.
Does Your Family Trust Own Or Plan To Own Residential Property? If So, Urgent Action Is Needed!
In previous S & W Insight editions, we have extensively covered the recently introduced Foreign Persons...
Two individuals are exchanging keys and a contract with a miniature house and dollar bills present on the table, exemplifying the importance of having a trusted business accountant to guide financial decisions and ensure successful transactions.
Do you have a Family Trust with residential property in it? Urgent Action Required
In 2016, NSW implemented new regulations that hold “foreign persons” accountable for surcharge...
A key and a small house resting on top of scattered dollar bills, representing the concept of real estate investment and financial stability. Contact our accounting firm in Sydney for expert advice on managing your real estate investments and finances.
Are You Selling a Property in Australia?
When selling a property, recent changes in the law have introduced new obligations. As part of the conveyancing...
Two people playing with wooden blocks, with a miniature house on top. Contact our small business accountants for help with managing your finances and building a solid financial foundation for your future.
Removal of Main Residence Exemption for Foreign and Temporary Residents – It doesn’t look good
In continuation of our previous articles regarding this subject, we now present an update on the current...
A pair of hands encircling a group of human figures. Let our team of small business accountants in Sydney provide you with expert financial advice and support.
Does your Family Trust include Foreign Beneficiaries?
Most family trust deeds, particularly those draughted by accountants in Sydney, incorporate a beneficiary...
A miniature house placed on top of bundled dollar bills and a blueprint. Contact our accounting firm in Sydney for expert advice on financial planning and investment strategies.
Foreign Person and Land Tax Surcharge Problem in Family Trusts
A tax accountant’s expertise is essential when dealing with the foreign person rule and potential...

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