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A business accountant holds a miniature umbrella to shelter a paper family, house, and car, symbolising protection and insurance.
What Happens to Your Mortgage When Your Spouse Passes or Becomes Unable to Work?
One of the biggest financial concerns couples have is determining how will they will be able to pay the...
A hand holding a keychain with keys and a small house figurine symbolise the significance of safeguarding the family home through an ideal accounting firm in Sydney.
Protecting the Family Home - What Name Should It Go In?
In our December 2021 newsletter we discussed the very common asset protection strategy to protect the...
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Partnering Up to Buy a Property
The Skyrocketing Australian Property Market and the Role of Property Accountants The skyrocketing prices...
Court case
Protecting the Family Home – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Accountants in Sydney and the Impact of ATO’s Court Case (ATO vs Bosanac) For many years, it has...
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What name should you buy a property in?
Insights from a Tax Accountant: Deciding on Property Ownership We received an enquiry from a client not...
things need to be considered when deciding on property ownership
What to Beware in a Hot Property Market
Over the past 12 months, you have likely come across numerous discussions and reports regarding the thriving...
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How You Could End Up Paying More Stamp Duty on Your Commercial Property
When engaging in tax planning to purchase a commercial property, such as a factory or office space, it...

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